Monday, 14 March 2011

Spring / Summer 2011 Trends and Socrates (Part 2)

Trend 2: Prints.
Animal prints, ethnic prints and bold botanical prints - seen on the catwalk shows of designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Blumarine, Stella McCartney, Kenzo, Matthew Williamson, Louis Vuitton and Prada.

Chistopher Kane


Holly Fulton

Louis Vuitton

Stella McCartney


I find prints (especially animal prints) a little tricky to get right. Get it wrong, and one could end up looking like this:

Eastenders - Kat and Alfie Moon

When ideally, one would rather prefer to look a little more like this:

I do like animal prints - done properly can be really stylish and very grown up. I'm also a fan of geometric / ethnic prints - they evoke a whole of range of delicious emotions in me. This is largely due to the fact I grew up surrounded by them. I only have to look at a photograph of wax print cotton (we call it Ankara in Nigeria), and I'll immediately have lovely memories of being about 6 and burying my face in my mum's ankara blouse. I remember the feel, the smell and even the taste of the fabric. (I used to chew on the corners of her blouses. I was weird like that). 

I'm drawn to this trend because I find prints familiar, comforting and visually stimulating. The only problem I have with prints is I tend to want to count everything. This season, I fear that I might be in danger of being mistaken for a complete weirdo, because I might have to stop and stare at people in the streets frequently - trying to figure out pattern repeats and working how many squares or triangles or spots or stripes are on their clothes...

My take on this trend looks a little like this:

So the boys don't feel left out:

I need to go find something to count.