Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Discount Shopping And The Half Price Gene.

I hardly ever buy anything full price. Try as I might, it just rarely seems to happen. It's so bad good, that sometimes, I'll walk up to the till with a full priced item and the sales assistant will invent a discount! I speak no word of a lie.

I am NOT a bargain hunter, bargains hunt me - like this:

I've decided it's down to something in my genetic make up (either that or some sort of supernatural anointing). Maybe I have a delightful mutation that produces a special pheromone, and maybe it's this special pheromone that triggers a 'Reflex Discounting Action' (further referred to as the 'RDA').

Either way, it means that I am usually able to get you almost anything at a reduced price (or at the full price with extras thrown in) - clothes, shoes, bags, perfume, make - up, skincare, homeware, electronics, dinner reservations, holidays... 

Go on, send me your shopping lists so we can put it to the test.

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no control over the aforementioned RDA, but just to make sure the odds are always in our favour, I also happen to possess a very long (and very secret) list of shops, websites, mailing lists etc... that offer really good discounts on just about anything, to everyone (not just those we suspect to be genetically predisposed to receiving discounts - like myself).

NB: Discounts generated by the RDA are quite often, impossible to replicate and the discount value is always, totally unpredictable. Discounts obtained via the very long (and very secret) list mentioned above, are slightly more predictable and may sometimes be possible to replicate.

Just a few examples of my recent conquests discount purchases:

Temperley London Mini Pegasus Dress - £130 (Normal Retail Price - £1250)

(Seen here on Mischa Barton and J-Lo)

RayBan 4125 Aviators (BTW these Sunglasses are guaranteed to make you like you were born cool) - £69 (Normal Retail Price - £120).

Mulberry Zipped Purse - £110 (Normal Retail Price - £180)

Toast Soft Slouchy Bag - £40 (Normal Retail Price - £155).

Jigsaw Henrietta Suede Bag - £50 (Normal Retail Price - £255).

Anya Hindmarch Luce Clutch Bag in Gold - £78 (Normal Retail Price - £245).

Lanvin For H&M Men's Tuxedo Jacket - £30 (Normal Retail Price - £79.99).

Toast Cath Ballet Pumps in Pewter - £25 (Normal Retail Price - £125).

Nivaldo de Lima Soho Purse - £11 (Normal Retail Price - £35). 

Reiss Maddi Denim Biker Jacket - £27 (Normal Retail Price - £135).

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